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L&M offers red, white, yellow and sweet onions year-round. We plant in California and Kansas for peak seasons and work closely with local partners in North Carolina, New Mexico and Washington State — offering our customers excellent quality and all varieties throughout the year.

Onions packaged in a yellow net with a tag which pictures an outline of the state of North Carolina with onion in the middle.  Local Grown

You might be surprised where we grow onions! Our New Mexico, Kansas, and North Carolina onion programs offer our customers the benefits of local-grown programs including custom local packaging, strong ties to state department of ag programs, and consumer point of sale materials. Check with us about local programs — we may have one near you.

Our Products

We offer all varieties to meet the flavor and texture profiles for all your onion needs.

Single yellow onion on white background


All-purpose and most popular onion variety. Crispy, juicy and medium to strong onion flavor.

Single red onion on white background


Crisp, bright tones, and great raw or grilled or roasted.  A big hit for foodservice on salads and sandwiches.

Single white onion on white background


Moderately pungent and commonly used in sauces, potato and pasta salads raw, grilled or lightly cooked.

Single sweet onion on white background


Mild and not pungent, sweet onions are perfect for any dish, raw or cooked.

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If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, we’re happy to customize our products & packaging for you. Just reach out and let us know how we can help.