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We strive for the best flavor of delicious melons with a program including cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon.

Summer Melon Goodness

Our melon team has decades of experience and is deeply committed to providing unparalleled quality, service & logistics - we’ve got your summer melons needs covered!

Our Products

Our melon varieties are the perfect treat for snacking, salads, salsas, kebobs, freezing for tasty ice cubes and more.

Single cantaloupe cut open on white background


Cantaloupes are a sweet and delicious treat, sure to please in the summer or year-round. Great in fruit salad or salsa, or simply its own.

A couple of honeydew with cut pice of honeydew on white background


Honeydews offer a nice mild sweetness – perfect for fruit salads or solo snacking.

Single watermelon cut open on white background


Watermelons are the classic summer favorite, refreshing, delicious and a good source of vitamin C and lycopene.

Try These Recipes

Have an appetite for something fresh? Try one of our featured recipes below or browse through all of recipes to find more delicious ideas.

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