Our Farms

We love our produce and take great pride in each and every one of our farms, packing facilities and partners.

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Whether it is new variety or product development, advanced irrigation methods and plant nutrient applications, or postharvest techniques from cooling to packaging, we are deeply committed to cultivating fresh produce on our farms with optimal quality, freshness, flavor, and shelf life.

One of our favorite parts of being diversified is sharing our innovative ideas and projects across our varied farms and partners: next door, across the country and even internationally.


We believe our practices to enrich our soil and protect our water resources, all while producing more fresh produce, will ensure our farms will be around for generations to come.

We go the extra mile to farm in an environmentally friendly manner, consistently making changes and adopting new practices as we find better ways to preserve and protect our land and conserve our resources. Our areas of focus include:

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Soil Conservation Practices

Our crop residue management program includes the use of cover crops when fields are not in production to maximize soil cover. Maximizing cover and minimizing disturbance protects the soil and creates a habitat that maximizes the living roots of our crops.

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Reducing Carbon Emissions

We are working to reduce carbon on our farms by both reducing emissions and by pulling it from the atmosphere and storing it in the ground. We are reducing emissions by using the most fuel-efficient equipment available, reducing soil disturbances which means less trips across the field and by retrofitting to the newest irrigation methods.

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Integrated Pest Management

Our IPM system is an ecosystem-based strategy that uses long term prevention of pests through a combination of techniques such as biological control and modification of cultural practices, rather than more harsh prevention controls.

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Water Conservation

As new water saving irrigation systems have become available in recent years, we have been converting our farms. Some new projects we are working on reduce water usage by up to 60% through the use of soil moisture probes.

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Environmentally Friendly Packaging

We are committed to utilization of recyclable materials through the supply chain, and where feasible that includes sustainable packaging.  We recently changed to packing in 100% recyclable cabbage boxes versus traditional waxed boxes — keeping over 2 million lbs of waxed cartons out of our landfills. We have also recently changed 100% our consumer trays to a recyclable option versus traditional Styrofoam.

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Recycling Programs and Good Energy Practices

We focus on equipping our farms, warehouses and offices to take tangible steps to positively impact our energy resources and the environment. Whether it is conducting energy audits, repurposing produce for animal feed, recycling cardboard or conserving resources with digital initiatives, we are continually adopting best practices for the future.

Food Safety

We believe that being able to trust the food on your table is of utmost importance. That’s why food safety is a top priority at L&M. We are committed to supplying safe, high quality fresh fruits and vegetables to our customers meeting or exceeding all requirements of relevant food legislation and regulations.

Our produce is harvested, packed, stored, and delivered according to industry best practices to ensure its greatest safety for our consumers. Our Food Safety Program is evolved based on the latest research and experience within the industry. Our management team is committed to providing the necessary resources to implement and maintain our Food Safety Program. These resources include the appropriate personnel, training, supplies, and equipment to ensure the success of our Program.

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