Health Benefits
Tomatoes offer endless versatility and are a staple for many families. They are high in Vitamin C and lycopene, which have been shown to fight cancer and boost the immune system. Diets high in tomatoes have been shown to improve heart health.

Tomatoes are best stored unwashed at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. To ripen, store in a paper bag until desired ripeness is reached.

Vine Ripened Tomatoes

Sweet, flavorful Round and Roma Vine Ripened Tomatoes are available year-round from our east coast farms and from our partners in Mexico. Use round tomatoes in all of your favorite salads, soups, sandwiches. Our oblong shaped Roma or Plum tomatoes are meaty and thick walled and perfect for sauces, pastes and Mexican salsas.

Mature Green Tomatoes

We also offer Mature Green Tomatoes from Mexico from October through June. Our partner growers are the best in the business, offering tomatoes with excellent flavor and consistent sizing. They are consistently available at your desired stage of ripening: #1 Green, #2 Breakers, #3 Turning, #4 Pink, #5 Light Red and #6 Red to meet your customers exact needs. These tomatoes are a popular menu items – whether served on a sandwich, over shrimp & grits, or towered high with layers of goat cheese, these menu favorites are a winner for our foodservice customers.