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Nature’s Delight – Quality & Consistency & You

Let us make things easy for you. By choosing Nature’s Delight, you can give your customers the satisfaction of consistent, high quality fruits and vegetables without the perceived costs associated with national brands.

So be it a pallet of bell pepper cartons, or bag of potatoes on your shelf – when you see the Nature’s Delight brand, you’re seeing quality and consistency you can trust.

Volume & Diversity

With farms across North and South America, we carefully map out the volume of product and diversity of our growing locations. This allows us to better control quality and consistency throughout our core product categories … all of which are available under our
Nature’s Delight brand:

Nature's Delight

Full Service
L&M’s Produce Sourcing team’s market expertise spans the United States, Mexico, and Central America, and we are here for you.  With more than 100 years of combined produce industry experience, our veteran produce experts know your needs before you do – holding customer service and strong relationships above all else.

Food Safety – Commitment to Food Safety & Quality

All L&M personnel are required to abide by the Food Safety Plans that are in effect. L&M is committed to ensuring that all personnel make every effort to comply with all food safety procedures.

Commitment – L&M is committed to supplying safe, high quality fresh fruits and vegetables to our customers. We fully accept our responsibility to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations, as well as all requirements of relevant food legislation and regulations.

Highest Standards – We have a HACCP-based program and recognize that food areas must be maintained to a high standard of cleanliness and that food is to be handled during delivery, storage, preparation, and distribution in such a manner as to ensure its safety to consumers.

Resources for YOU – L&M will make the necessary resources available to support the development, implementation, and maintenance of Food Safety Plans. These resources include appropriate staff, training, and support programs to ensure the success of our Food Safety Plans. We recognize that continuous improvement of our performance is a key objective of our Plans.