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Each member of the L&M management team shares the same enthusiasm and dedication to deliver solutions to you.  Our management team is a group of industry leaders and visionaries, with deep experience and a proven track record of excellence in the produce industry.

Joe McGee, founder & Chairman – has a lifetime of produce experience, and is a farmer at heart.  He was raised on a family farm in Johnston County, NC.  His father, Charlie McGee, was a farmer and later a wholesaler.  After all these years in produce, Joe has great vision and an amazing amount of industry knowledge … and no matter how hard you try, you can’t outwork him.

John Oxford, President & CEO – began his career on the fast track at GE.  In 2001, he jumped off the corporate train to join L&M and has never looked back.  He’s insightful, motivated, and just downright smart.  Don’t be fooled by the background, you’ll find him in blue jeans walking onion fields and apple orchards, challenging everyone he meets along the way.

Mike McGee, Vice President of Finance as former Vice President of Grower Services, Mike McGee focused on L&M’s commitment from the ground up through overseeing the relationships with L&M’s growers.  Mike understands the importance of  traceability, as well as food safety … and led both initiatives for L&M.  Mike is also a numbers man, and recently made the switch to VP of Finance.  He is excited to take on the challenges in this role.