L&M Offers Proprietary New Apple Variety

L&M Offers Proprietary New Apple Variety

L&M and Washington Family Farms are excited to offer their new proprietary apple variety, Crimson Delight.  The Crimson Delight is a crisp, sweet, flavorful apple.  It is related to America’s new favorite apple, the Gala.  It shares some of the Gala’s most desirable and delicious traits with a crispier, more flavorful bite.  The flavor is sweet with a slightly tangy finish.  The color is a brilliant crimson red with an occasional slight golden blush.  Crimson Delights are a wonderful multi-purpose apple; they are the perfect choice for snacking, cooking, fresh recipes, and baking.

Reception of this great new variety has been positive; “Customer reaction to the Crimson Delight apples has been outstanding. They have commented that they like the flavor profile and crispness of the Crimson Delight apples and it is one of the best new varieties in the marketplace” said John Long, Sales & Operations Director of L&M in Washington.

We have a new Crimson Delight apple carton this season, as well as 3# pouch Crimson Delight bags.  The packaging material is beautifully designed and will add a premium look, feel, and taste to your apple display.  L&M is the exclusive marketer of the Crimson Delight apples.  We will be happy to provide you with delicious Crimson Delight apples for your apple category.

The volume of Crimson Delight continues to increase as our orchards mature.  We have enjoyed very good weather this growing season and anticipate peaking on premium, high-colored fruit.  Sizes will probably peak between 80’s and 100’s. This year we will be able to offer both conventional and organic Crimson Delights starting from around November 1st through June.  These apples have been well received by retailers and consumers.  We should have some very good promotable fruit this season, given the increased volume, higher color and retails sizes.

Washington Family Farms is focused on promoting and selling the fruit of small family farms in the Yakima Valley. These farms produce excellent fruit of the highest quality but may lack the resources and marketing reach that other corporate apple farms enjoy. The goal of Washington Family Farms is to keep these family farms competitive in the market. Sales for Washington Family Farms are handled exclusively by L&M.