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Committed to Food Safety

L&M is committed to supplying safe, high quality fresh fruits and vegetables to its customers. We fully accept our responsibility to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations, as well as all requirements of relevant food legislation and regulations.

Our safety program is risk-based, and we recognize that our farming and packing operations must maintain high standards. Our produce is handled during harvesting, packing, storage, delivery and distribution in such a manner as to ensure its safety to our consumers.

L&M is committed to making the necessary resources available to support the development, implementation, and maintenance of its Food Safety Program. These resources include appropriate personnel, training, and other support elements to ensure the success of our Program. We further recognize that continuous improvement of our performance is a key objective.

All L&M personnel are expected to observe Food Safety as a priority, and are required to abide by the Food Safety Programs that are in effect.  L&M is committed to ensuring that all personnel comply with all Food Safety procedures.

Food Safety Audits


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